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The Business Times 21/02/18 Training, employment for disabled is key to Courts’ CSR efforts
The Straits Times 20/02/18 President’s Challenge takes an artistic turn
Channel NewsAsia 20/02/18 President Halimah to launch President’s Challenge memorabilia during Istana Open House
The Straits Times 07/02/18 Making life better for Singaporeans
Channel NewsAsia 25/01/2018 Young girl with special needs shapes her Garden through clay art
 Lianhe Zaobao 07/01/2018  变形金刚登陆圣淘沙 为弱势家庭孩童助跑
 The Straits Times 06/01/2018  Runners and robots take over Sentosa beach for first ever Transformers Run
 BRIDGE by South West CDC 31/12/2017  Against the odds – Toh Bee Tin
 Berita Mediacorp 11/12/2017  Buta tidak bermakna tidak boleh bercuti; malah mampu panjat Tembok Besar China!
TODAY  02/12/2017  One-armed American guitarist inspires children in Singapore
 The Straits Times 13/11/2017  Students win praise for kind acts of giving
Berita Harian 09/11/2017 Presiden Halimah kunjungi golongan palsi serebral
Mediacorp Channel 8 08/11/2017 哈莉玛:呼吁社区和各行业人士 协助脑性麻痹患者
The Straits Times 02/10/2017 Inclusive art sessions draw kids together
The Straits Times 13/09/2017 Marina Bay Sands’ festival raises $3.9m for charity
Lianhe Zaobao 09/9/2017 本地设首个脑性麻痹患者资料库 以助提升治疗与照料水平
The New Paper 09/9/2017 First cerebral palsy registry launched
The Straits Times 08/9/2017 Singapore’s first cerebral palsy registry launched
The Straits Times 10/8/2017 The Lives They Live: A special person with a special personal mission
Lianhe Zaobao 26/7/2017 艺术盛典公益活动 为脑瘫患者 送上关爱
Lianhe Zaobao 20/7/2017 参与巴西立沙滩艺术节 脑性麻痹患者接受培训展现彩绘天分
The New Paper  18/6/2017 Fathers with special needs kids share their joys and pains
Lianhe Zaobao  18/6/2017 华中学生策划 关爱脑瘫患者公益活动
TODAY  21/5/2017 Spreading message of inclusivity islandwide
TODAY  16/5/2017 Going the extra mile to make fashion inclusive
TODAY 13/3/2017 Pop-up cafes, ‘joy boxes’ to 
help improve lives of the disabled
Channel 8: Frontline  22/2/2017 Budget 2017: Special Needs
Berita Harian 21/2/2017 Belajar berdikari melalui sukan (‘Learning through activities’)
 The New Paper  20/2/2017  Sport takes her out of home and gives her fulfillment


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