Children’s Day

Children’s Day 2018

This year’s Children’s Day celebration was held on 4 October. It was a day to honour and celebrate children all around the world. Students from the High Support Programme were immersed in a multi-sensory installation where contemporary dance, music and visual art were melded together at The Artground. Students from the Functional Programme explored the magical journey at the Future World Exhibit of the Art Science Museum. They interacted with the various digital installations which enabled them to discover their own unique narrative and experience of each artwork. They were also excited to scan their images, which they had coloured in school, and see them formed into 3D images on the walls and floor. Our students had an enjoyable Children’s Day celebration!

The students were going down the slide at Art Science Museum.

Children’s Day 2017


Children’s Day 2017 was celebrated on 5 October and it was a meaningful day for our students as they celebrated the milestones they had achieved in their lives.

Various interactive game stalls such as a carnival ring toss and a colourful inflatable obstacle course were set up to mark this special occasion. The students played to their hearts’ content and definitely won over the teachers’ hearts with their angelic sparkling eyes and innocent bright smiles!

The students were treated to delicious carnival food such as popcorn, candy floss, putu piring and many more goodies.

The highlight of the day was none other than the Pie Face Showdown, where students got the rare and exciting opportunity to toss whipped cream at familiar faces, that of their teachers!

Special thanks to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) volunteers for taking time out of their busy schedule to facilitate the activities and interact with the students. Our appreciation also goes out to staff from Allergan for their generosity in providing snacks and goodie bags for all the students. SCDF and Allergan volunteers definitely brought much joy to the students.

It was such an eventful day for the students as they not only got to play and eat, but also brought back goodie bags and great memories!