CPAS School – International Friendship Day

We celebrated International Friendship Day on 6 April. Teachers and students from Class Eagle 4/5A organized this event with five booths featuring South East Asia countries Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines. We are grateful to the school parent volunteers who helped us at the booths.

On that day, the students enjoyed SG Kopi and Toast from the Singapore booth. During the batik art demonstration, the students got to paint their very own piece of batik. Myanmar booth featured a “Meet and Greet” session with Miss NiNi in her traditional costume. The students also tried the Do-It-Yourself facial painting, using the Myanmar traditional Thanaka powder. Thailand booth featured Tom Yam sensory spice with food tasting experience. Philippines delicacies like dried mangoes and tropical fruit salad were the highlights of the booth. Their booth was declared as the most attractive and decorative one.

We learnt that planning for an event was not an easy task and working together as a team for a school project was very important. In addition, we learnt more about the different cultures of the South East Asia countries.