National Day 2017

The National Day celebrations for CPAS School students began with a pre-activity before the actual day of celebration. To get students into the mood for National Day, CPAS School students took part in a Dot-Art Activity on Singapore Icons. Students from Punggol View Primary School were also invited to collaborate and interact with our students from the afternoon session in doing this activity and new friendships were forged.

On the actual day of the celebration, 8 August, students and teachers from CPAS EIPIC joined in for the first part of the day’s activity. The celebration began with a dignified march-in by our Scouts with the national flag. This was followed by the flag raising ceremony, singing of the National Anthem and recitation of the Pledge. Mrs Koh, the School Principal then read the National Day message from the Minister for Education.

The celebrations continued with a concert. Besides teacher emcees this year, we also had the assistance of 2 confident student emcees, Juraimi Abdullah (Eagle 8A) and Rachel Lum (Eagle 10A). The concert started off with a bang by a lively performance of a medley of local songs put up by a group of EIPIC teachers which had everyone clapping along.

This was followed with an exciting video featuring the National Education show which some of our teachers and students had attended on 2 July 2017 at the Marina Floating Platform. Students had to pay close attention to the video as it was followed by a quiz. Functional and High Support classes were paired and lots were drawn to ensure that all students had an equal chance to answer the questions in the quiz. Students eagerly waited for their chance to answer the questions and win a prize.

The quiz was followed by a sing-a-long session of National Day songs, led by the School Prefects. Students, teachers and caregivers sang and performed the accompanying actions with gusto, many waving flags from the fun-packs distributed to all the students.

Great anticipation followed the sing-a-long as the Dot Art that all classes had done was presented on the screen and names of classes with the best art pieces for Functional and High Support classes in each session was announced.

The celebrations ended with more national songs and videos as students enjoyed muffins with drinks. It was indeed a fitting end to a joyous day!


National Day 2016

National Day marks our Separation from Malaysia, and our emergence as an independent country in the community of nations. Since 1998, a National Day Ceremony was introduced in schools. This Ceremony aims to bring to the students a greater sense of the historical importance and solemnity of National Day.

In the spirit of celebrating diversity and harmony, the National Education (NE) committee came up with a wheelchair float contest.  Classes of different abilities came together to make various floats.  Shortlisted wheelchair floats with the respective students were proudly displayed on the stage.  It was the “kampong house” wheelchair float of classes Eagle 10A and Dove 16A that clinched the first prize!  Some highlights of NE show were edited and shared with students in a 10 minutes video.

Next, students of the High Support Programme and Functional Programme got to win prizes (National day fun-packs) by answering questions related to Singapore in a quiz.  The audience erupted into loud cheers when a group of students performing in National Day Parade (NDP) came on stage.  They were Henry, Jireh, Samuel, Thomas, Keertana, Vic, Annabelle and Audi.  Together with the teachers, they had been sacrificing many Saturdays going for NDP rehearsals.  They did a beautiful rendition of hand signing for two songs (Home and Count on me Singapore). The celebrations concluded with the singing of National Day songs and pledge taking.


Handsigning two National Day songs

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