Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony Day 2018

Singapore commemorates Racial Harmony Day on 21 July. It is a day for our students to celebrate the nation’s success as a harmonious society built on diversified cultures. The theme for this year’s Racial Harmony Day Celebration is “Food”. As Singapore is known as a ‘rojak nation’, our pre-event celebration was making our own rojak. On the event day, we had performances, sing-along session and food tasting activities from the different races – prata, popiah, putu piring and sandwich. Photographs of students and staff in ethnic costumes were taken and the students & staff were given a chance to win the Best Dress Award. There was a free & easy Food Fiesta during the celebration whereby students got to use the given food coupons to exchange for their desired food items. It was indeed a fun and joyous celebration for Racial Harmony Day.

Racial Harmony Day 2017
Racial Harmony pic 1

On 20 July 2017, the school celebrated Racial Harmony Day, in commemoration of the 1964 race riots, which took place on 21 July 1964. Three activities were lined up for the students.

The ”On the Spot”’ art activity witnessed students of the Functional and High Support Programmes coming together to create stamps depicting racial harmony and the school value “Respect” through their artworks. Stalls were set up to showcase our multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society. Students were given the opportunities to experience various food items, ethnic jewellery, headdress and musical instruments. Students also enjoyed a story-telling session that intertwined the essence of racial harmony into the stories.

All in all, it was an action-packed day for the students and they thoroughly enjoyed the various experiences that the activities offered.


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