School Camp

School Camp 2018

This year the school camp was held from 14 to 15 September. It was an overnight camp and the students spent the night in the school. Students from both the Functional and High Support programmes participated in the camp. A total of 15 students, 12 from the Functional programme and 3 from the High Support programme, participated in the camp.

The objective of the camp was to build a sense of responsibility in the students and promote independence and social relationships among them. Hence, the camp activities incorporated the development of skills such as choice making and problem-solving. The school values (respect, confidence, resilience and integrity) were also reinforced during the camp activities.

The theme for the camp was ‘Fun Time’. So all activities were organised with a fun element in them. The activities included water play at Splash@Kids Amaze, art, camp games and music & movement.

Although it was the first time for most of the students to take part in an overnight camp, they had fun playing and mingling with the other campers.  All of them also enjoyed sleeping in tents.

We had fun at Splash@Kids Amaze!

School Camp 2017

School Camp 2017 took place on 15 and 16 September. The camp was organised mainly for our graduating students and students from the High Support Programme. The objective of this camp was to boost confidence and instil responsibility in these students. It was also aimed at developing leadership qualities in the students from the Functional Programme. An Amazing Race was organised on the first day and campers enjoyed pool activities at the Wild Wild Wet water park on the second day. Our students were also given the opportunities to make their own barbeque dinner and pancakes for breakfast. Overall, the camp was a success and the campers enjoyed it.