Social Work Department

Social Workers assist clients and their families to cope with issues resulting from disabilities and helping the clients to realise their full potential. Social Workers coordinate referrals and therapy sessions, provide counselling and information about community resources, link clients with other service providers, conduct parent support group sessions and sibling support group activties, organise social recreational activties with support from volunteers, and provide parents and caregivers training sessions.

The Social Work programmes include:

Information and Referrals

  • Follow up on referrals to the Association
  • Provide information on relevant services for people with disabilities
  • Arrange initial screening sessions with multi-disciplinary team of professionals regarding the suitability of referred clients for enrolment into any programmes
  • Refer clients to suitable service agencies in the community, if necessary

Case Work and Counselling

  • Provide psycho-social assessment of the clients' family situations
  • Home visitations
  • Provide counselling to individual clients and their families to clarify options and strengthen decision making
  • Work with multi-disciplinary team of professionals to develop integrative care plans for individual clients
  • Provide emotional/practical support to the clients and their caregivers

Financial Assistance

  • Provide means testing of clients to establish their eligibilities for subsidies from various existing schemes
  • Distribute donated items/rations to clients from low income families

Community Resources

  • Provide linkages with other social service providers and community groups to meet the multiple needs of the clients
  • Connect clients and their families to appropriate resources and support networks in the community
  • Match clients with volunteers as befrienders

Parents and Caregivers Support

  • Facilitate training sessions for parents and caregivers on relevant topics to enable them to be effective caregivers
  • Facilitate mutual support among parents and caregivers to reinforce positive care-giving behaviours

Group Work

  • Conduct social skills group training sessions for clients
  • Conduct siblings support group sessions to promote better understanding and family bonding
  • Conduct support groups for parents and caregivers

Social and Recreational Activities

  • Facilitate volunteers to conduct social or recreational activities with clients to integrate them into community living
  • Organise exposure visits to other service agencies for graduating school students


  • Participate in relevant research to promote evidence-based practice
  • Work in partnership with tertiary institutions and hospitals to build up-to-date knowledge and skills in working with persons with disabilities

Contact Details

The Social Work Department is located on the 4th floor of the Cerebral Palsy Centre

Tel: (65) 6585 5617
Fax: (65) 6585 5603