For students under the Functional Programme

Baking CCA aims to introduce baking as an activity for leisure or hobby and a potential career in the future, by encouraging students to create, share and indulge in food. This CCA strives to provide experiential learning for the students through tactile and multi-sensory activities with the use of their 5 senses, e.g. exploring textures through their sense of touch and exploring aroma through their sense of smell.

Students may also have the opportunity to have bake sales during school events (e.g., mother's day).

  1. Develop fine motor skills
  2. Develop hand-eye coordination
  3. Develop work habits and work endurance
  4. Develop confidence and resilience when working in a kitchen setting
  1. Has adequate hand movements
  2. Able to follow 2-step instruction
  3. Show great interest in food
  4. Show interest in baking/cooking
  5. Having no allergy is an advantage