Trainees from GROW operate independently at our pushcarts around the island. Items sold at our pushcarts include the trainees’ handicraft items as well as commercial merchandise packed at our workshop. Besides giving trainees an opportunity to operate independently, the project provides them with vital retail and community interaction experiences.

We hope to expand the number of pushcarts around Singapore so as to provide opportunities for more trainees. The project currently has two pushcarts. They are located at Changi General Hospital and the Cerebral Palsy Centre.

All sale proceeds from the pushcart are channeled back to our trainees. We welcome you to support our trainees at the various pushcarts.

The operating hours are:

Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 3pm (Cerebral Palsy Centre)
                                   10am to 5pm (Changi General Hospital)

Weekend & Public Holidays: Closed