Modular CCAs

In CPAS School West, we adopt a modular approach to expose students to different types of Art forms and Sports on a termly basis through:

1. Modular Arts CCA

Semester 2, 2023

Students get to experience creating art focusing on the art-making process using the multi-sensory approach. The CCA comprises student from both the High Support Programme and Functional Programme coming together to learn as we believe that art hold no boundaries. Focusing on self-expression and valuing the ability of each individual, students learn useful techniques from the Art Instructor, Ms Lee Sher Ley.

The CCA provides a platform for students to showcase their talents and expand their knowledge in art and artmaking through different techniques such as blending, mixing, and using everyday items to create art. Visual Arts provide the freedom to manipulate various materials in an organic and unstructured way, ultimately leading to the creation of unique artwork by individual student.


  1. Develop on-task skills and hand-eye co-ordination
  2. Provide opportunities for creative and artistic expressions
  3. Value art exploration and experimentation in each individual young artist


Zayne Ang Yi Huan (Falcon 5D) exploring colour-blending using everyday items like cling-wrap to create his art piece.

Art-making process conducted in an unconventional way with students sitting on the floor to scribble, trace and create prints.

Javier Hong Jie Wen (Falcon 5D) was eager to choose his favourite colour and exercise his autonomy of using a sponge to create his work.

Coen Cheng Sheng An (Swan 1C) created his firework artwork as part of the National Day activity.

Thinesh Kaunder Gobu (Swan 1D) was guided by his teacher as he completed his artwork at his own pace using his favourite colours.

Teacher Siti Rauzanah Binte Abdul Kadir and Student Natalie Soo Wen Xuan working on a balloon to make a paper lantern.

Events & Activities (2023)

Event/Activity (if any): Singtel Expressions Through Art 2023
Date: 14 November 2023
Venue: Ang Mo Kio MRT Station & 313@Somerset

On 14 November 2023, Singtel collaborated with SMRT to launch the artworks of SPED students that had gone on display at various MRT stations for a month. This event featured 36 pieces of artworks created by students from all SPED schools in Singapore. These artworks were selected by a panel comprising Heads of Department (Art) from two SPED schools.

The artwork created by Harith Bin Hazli (Falcon 5C), titled “Dreamy Me” was selected for this exhibition. Inspired by the artistic style of contemporary Indonesian painter Eddie Hara, Harith drew his favourite thoughts. The artwork is playful, full of colours and dreamy. It has since been on display for a month at the Lakeside MRT station, the nearest MRT station to CPASS West.

Hairth’s individual style can be seen through his unique artmaking process.

Harith and Ms Michelle Chin (Modular Art CCA Teacher In-Charge) were thrilled to see his artwork displayed at Somerset MRT station during the event.

A proud moment for Harith when the First Lady Ms Jane Ittogi came over to view his artwork.


2. Modular Sports CCA

Semester 2, 2023

Drills and Practice

Students explore Boccia activity through a combination of drills and practice, where we seamlessly integrate essential Boccia skills. Engaging in interactive and enjoyable games, such as parachute play, students practise their grasping skills while simultaneously exercising their upper arm muscles.

Modified Boccia games

Accuracy is an important component in Boccia. To achieve this, students use a ramp to aim and propel the ball, aiming to position it as close as possible to the white target “Jack” ball on the playing field. Students also can enhance their skills through modified Boccia games, such as bowling variation, where they work on both their aiming and pushing skills.

Head of Programme Lanny Kwok guiding Student Aydil Putra Bin Rizal to launch a boccia ball using a ramp.

CP Football Trial

In preparation for the new sports modular CP Football in 2024, students had the opportunity to experience this para sports during the last session this year. Students thoroughly enjoyed this trial as evident from the smiles on their faces when they kicked the balls into the goalpost. In addition to traditional play, we engaged in adaptive football games where carton boxes were attached to the front of the wheelchairs. This modification allowed students to pass and push the ball using their wheelchairs, adding inclusivity and excitement to the activity.

Niche CCA
  • Exposure to competitions to build students' skills and confidence
  • Participation by skills

3. Track & Field CCA

Semester 2, 2023


Students Janelle Han Xin En and Lim Kai Ning practising for a competition on the school track.

Events & Activities (2023)

Event/Activity (if any): Para Athletics (Singapore) Junior and Youth Athletics Meet 2023

Date: 11 March 2023 

Venue: Temasek Polytechnic

Track and Field students from both CPASS East and West formed a 13-strong team to participate in the event. The students participated in various events – Run Step and Jump, Shot Put, Run and Mixed Relay. They managed to win 22 medals in total. It was definitely a proud moment for the students as they trained hard individually and as a team within a short training period.

Medal Tally

Run Step and Jump – 1 Gold

Shot Put – 3 Gold, 2 Silver

Run – 9 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze

Mixed Relay – 2 Gold

Event/Activity (if any): Inclusive Sports Festival

Date: 11 July 2023

Venue: Our Tampines Hub

CPASS East and West students attended the Inclusive Sorts Festival at One Tampines Hub (OTH). The event saw the largest family-friendly and community sports festival where everyone tried out experiential and niche sports and activities. Our students had fun trying bocce, floorball and basketball.

Event/Activity (if any): Homerun 2023

Date: 19 August 2023 

Venue: Jurong Lake Gardens

Nine students participated in the run for the first time at the Jurong Lake Gardens. The leisure run was lined with beautiful greenery and lake. The calming scenery accompanied the student’s run and they were greeted by mascots and game booths at the finishing point.

Event/Activity (if any): Outdoor Programme

Date: 25 August 2023

Venue:  CPASS East

Students from CPAS School (East and West) Swimming, T&F and Scouts CCAs took part in this 2-day 1-night outdoor programme which included a night camp and kayaking. The students had their outdoor experiential walk at Bedok Reservoir before they proceeded to the adrenaline rush activity of kayaking. The sunny weather and the real-life experience of kayaking in deep water was a memorable and lifetime opportunity.
Adding to the richness of their experiential camp, the students embarked on a supermarket trip and engaged in cookout activities, fostering teamwork and collaboration among them. The camp was made more meaningful for the students as they had to set up tentages to sleep in for the night. The immersive experience not only provided a hands-on learning opportunity but also created lasting memories for the students, making the camp a meaningful and unforgettable journey.

Event/Activity (if any): Run For Inclusion by Running Hour

Date: 3 September 2023

Venue:  Singapore Turf Club

Seven students participated in this Run for Inclusion held at the Singapore Turf Club to promote integration and nurture inclusive sports. The hot and sunny day did not dampen the participants’ spirit in running. The day was filled with the loud and cheerful presence of volunteers, mascots, drummers and cheerleaders who never stopped to encourage the participants to do their best to complete the run. Our students were also greeted by horses from the Turf Club, many within close proximity to the students.

Event/Activity (if any): Pacer Meet

Date: 30 September 2023

Venue:  ITE College West

Nine students participated in the event. As the event focused on junior athletes, CPASS only sent students who are 13 years and below. The students participated in Dash Run and Dash Mixed Relay and they managed to reap 9 medals from the event.

Medal Tally

Dash Run – 4 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze

Mixed Relay – 1 Bronze

Event/Activity (if any): National Youth Para Athletics Championships 2023

Date: 11 November 2023

Venue:  Choa Chu Kang Stadium

14 students participated in the last competition for 2023. Organised by Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC), the students managed to bring home 17 medals in total. Despite the hectic week, the students managed to give their all and proudly completed their races.

Medal Tally

200m – 3 Gold

100m – 5 Gold, 3 Silver

60m Dash – 2 Gold, 2 Silver

Long Jump – 1 Gold, 1 Silver

Event/Activity (if any): Golf Clinic

Date: 16 November 2023

Venue:  Keppel Golf Club

Five students from CPASS West participated in an exciting golf clinic hosted by Singapore Golf Association at the prestigious Keppel Club Golf Course. The students experienced hands-on golfing at 2 different courses – the putting greens which offers a breath-taking view of the entire course and the driving range. The students had an awesome time, being coached by amateur golfers who showed them the proper way to hold the golf club and observing the proper stance before putting in the hole. Despite the glaring sun, the students had a great time practising to putt into the hole with a few good hits.