Engaging Alumni

Established in October 2016, CPAS Connect Alumni Programme aims to engage students and clients who have graduated from CPAS School or left the programmes under Adult Services. With holistic services, CPAS provides opportunities for members to further develop their talents and skills by organising activities and ad hoc events as well as mentoring for employment.

  • To provide assistance through connecting the alumni to other related agencies for the right support
  • To increase the quality of life towards independent living, gainful employment, lifelong learning, talent development, therapy services, etc
  • To help identify areas of needs that are not met by current available services
  • To provide opportunities for home-based clients to integrate into society
  • Build a larger social network through CPAS Connect Alumni activities

To register for the CPAS Connect Alumni Programme, kindly download and fill the registration form here and email it to

Activities by CPAS Connect


CP Football

Table Tennis

Music & Movement


The services offered by the alumni programme include:

Industrial Visits

Industrial visits for alumni at new workplace. Collaborate with the new employer to assist and/or contribute strategies towards alumna holistic developmental progress in his/her current new work environment.

Home Visits

Visit alumni who are confined at home and check on current alumna and caregiver’s development. Ensure quality of life of alumni through e.g. participation of activities run by CPAS Connect, referral for outpatient therapy and active member for Alumni “Connecting Services”

Connecting Services

Assist alumni by creating connections to services to empower their lives. This includes, job-matching, specialised clinics, assistive technology devices, accommodation, financial assistance, recreational and social centre and rehabilitation services.

Alumnus Collaboration in CPAS

Collaboration with Adults Services, GROW to mend charity booths, events and activities.

Recreational Programmes

Alumni to be engaged and enriched with a slew of meaningful social and such as outings, parties and workshops

Outpatient Therapy

If a physical condition in an alumna has been identified and required further therapy, the alumna, may be referred for outpatient therapy in CPAS

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