Application process for potential CPAS School students
We will continue to make adjustments to our admission and initial screening in view of COVID-19 situation. We seek your understanding and will provide more details and information when we liaise with you via email, calls and tele-conferencing.
  • A referring agency or parents/caregivers of child will apply for a placement in the school via the CPAS Social Work Department
  • Please submit your child’s application using the digitised Special Education (SPED) school application form, at or scan QR code below.
  • Please note that your child’s psychological assessment report(s) is/are required (but we do not require an IQ score)
  • An Initial Assessment (IA) will be conducted by our team to assess the current level of performance for the child once we receive your application
  • The admission of the child to school will depend on the availability of the class placement in the suitable educational programme and the final decision of the CPAS Programmes Sub-Committee
  • Children who are between 7 years to 18 years old
  • Children with multiple disabilities (except Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD)
For more information, please contact the CPAS Social Work Department at 6585 5617.