Our physiotherapists provide assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of movement disorders, pain, injury, or any other physical dysfunction, through the use of education, exercise, manual therapy, electro-physical agents, technology or any other treatment for those purposes. With in-depth knowledge of child development, motor training and movement science, physiotherapists aim to facilitate and enhance the client’s ability to move and function as independently as possible.


Physiotherapists provide the following services:
  • Post lower limb and spinal surgery physiotherapy management
  • Post Botox physiotherapy management
  • Prescription of standing , mobility and therapy equipment to enhance postures, joint and muscles flexibility, standing and mobility.
  • Hydrotherapy program for clients aged 7 to 55 years.
  • Needs-based home visits
How can Physiotherapists Help?
  • Teach the correct handling and positioning of your child so as to prevent contractures and joint deformities.
  • Advise and prescribe the correct (orthopaedic) orthotic, mobility equipment for your child.
  • Facilitate motor development and enhance your child’s independence
  • Advice on the use of walking aids for your child.
  • Modify home environment to increase accessibility
  • Physiotherapists, using in-depth knowledge of child development, motor training and movement science, can help facilitate and enhance your child’s ability to move and function as independently as possible.
Services Rendered

Therapeutic Management

  • Individualised Therapy Management Programme: Intensive customised physiotherapy intervention
  • Trans-Disciplinary Programme: Consultations provided on physiotherapy interventions in classroom and home environment
  • Tough and Trim Programme: Programme to reduce or maintain weight for children who are  overweight or are at risk of becoming overweight
  • Hydrotherapy (if provided as a physiotherapy management): This programme utilises buoyancy and support of water to facilitate functional movement
  • Horse-riding (Hippotherapy): This programme is run in conjunction with the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA). Horse-riding helps improve balance and confidence
  • Equipment Loan Programme: Therapy equipment is loaned out to caregivers to carry out the therapy at home
  • Gymnasium Activity Programme: Programme focuses on the adults in the Goodwill, Rehabilitation, and Occupational Workshop (GROW) to improve and maintain physical status
  • Day Activity Centre (DAC) Group Therapy: Programme focuses on the adults in the DAC to maintain physical status
  • Home Management Programme: Customised physiotherapy services provided in collaboration with an Occupational Therapist for adult clients with Cerebral Palsy at their home to maintain physical status
Specialist Clinics

Orthopaedic Clinic and Paediatric Neurology Clinic

Specialists from various hospitals carry out routine check-ups on children and offer advice to parents.