Programmes at CPAS School

At CPAS School, students are categorised into two levels, according to their chronological age:
  • Junior Level (7 years old to 12 years old)
  • Senior Level (13 years old to 18 years old)
Three programmes are offered at CPAS School:
  1. The High Support Programme caters to students with moderate to high support needs in all areas of their daily living and learning. These students require more assistance in mobility, fine motor skills, self-help, and learning, and will pursue lessons that will promote their well-being. Upon graduation at the age of 18 years, possible post-school outcomes are joining the Day Activity Centre or the Home Management Programme.
  2. The Functional Programme caters to students with mild to moderate support needs in most areas of their daily living and learning. In the senior level, students will learn pre-vocational skills that will support their learning in the vocational domain. Students who demonstrate potential for open employment or sheltered employment, will be trained in the school’s social enterprise, MiniMart@CPAS. Upon graduation at the age of 18 years, possible post-school outcomes are transiting to a Day Activity Centre or Sheltered Workshop.
  3. The Academic Programme caters to students with mild support needs in most areas of their daily living and learning. Students in this programme follow the mainstream MOE curriculum for English, Mathematics and Science only, in addition to the Curriculum Framework for SPED Schools. At the age of 9 years, students in this programme are assessed for suitability for education in mainstream primary schools before they transit there. If that is not possible, they can continue to pursue their education following the mainstream curriculum at CPASS and prepare for their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) at the age of 12 to 15 years old. Upon attaining their PSLE, students will transit to mainstream secondary schools or specialised schools. If they do not pursue secondary education, these students will continue their education at CPASS and prepare for employment in the open market or sheltered employment when they graduate at the age of 18 years.
Full Implementation of Trans-Disciplinary Approach

A Trans-Disciplinary (Trans-D) Approach has been adopted for the three educational programmes above. The Trans-D approach aims to enhance holistic and comprehensive development in students by adopting a common view of educational needs. The approach is a consensual commitment for consistent and integrated planning & implementation. It also provides more opportunities for professional exchange of knowledge and skills between teachers and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs). Teachers share their lesson plans with AHPs on a weekly basis to obtain inputs from their technical domain. Read more about the Trans-D Approach here.

Curriculum Hours
Monday – Thursday
AM Session8.00 am – 12.30 pm
PM Session12.30 pm – 5.00 pm
Friday (CCA Day)
AM Session8.00 am – 11.30 am
PM Session1.30 pm – 5.00 pm
Snack Time
AM Session10.00 am – 10.30 am
PM Session2.30 pm – 3.00 pm
Rehabilitation Services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational  Therapy
  • Speech and Language Pathology
  • Psychology Services
  • Social Work Services
  • Medical and Dental Services

A variety of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are offered at CPAS School. Click here to find out more.

Special Events

At CPASS, we believe in ensuring that all students’ lives are as rich as their peers in mainstream schools.  Major school events celebrated include:


Total Defence Day
Total Defence Day 2020

Each year Total Defence Day is commemorated on 15 February. It marks Singapore's fall to the Japanese in 1942. The commemoration of Total Defence Day seeks to remind people of the sufferings endured by our fore fathers during the Japanese Occupation.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the teachers of National Education (NE) Committee revised the Total Defence Commemorative Day programme so that it could be conducted by the class teachers in their respective classes. Students were given art pieces to paint and participate in an art competition. The NE team teachers had also prepared some PowerPoint Slides which consisted of these teaching points:

  • What is Total Defence?
  • A general overview of Total Defence
  • Introduction of the 6th Pillar of Defence
  • The theme of the Past and Present Total Defence Days
  • The theme for Total Defence 2020
  • Graphic illustration showing the 5 pillars of Defence
  • Graphic illustration showing the newly added 6th Defence - Digital Defence

Total Defence Day IMG
A client painting an airplane.
International Friendship Day
International Friendship Day

CPASS commemorated International Friendship Day on 4 April. This is a special day dedicated to the understanding of Singapore’s relations with neighbouring countries and beyond. The aim of International Friendship Day is to remind us to foster friendships and promote mutual understanding and trust with one another.

On this day, students were treated to a galore of activities and food. The main highlights of the event were the food tasting and badge making activities. For the food tasting segment, students were introduced to a variety of food items from different countries namely – miso soup from Japan, Tom Yam soup from Thailand, muruku from India, dried mango from Philippines, Haw flakes from China and Tortilla chips from Mexico. The students had the opportunity to taste each of the items. During the badge making activity, students got to make badges for their friends. Students were split into groups consist of one class from the High Support Programme and one from the Functional Programme so that students could interact with their friends from other classes. Once the badges were completed, the students exchanged their self-made badges with their friends.

The commemoration of International Friendship Day in CPASS gave our students an opportunity to share about their countries’ cultural practices and beliefs. It also enabled them to build friendship with people of different nationalities, races and cultures where diversity would be better understood and appreciated. It was indeed a very meaningful and memorable experience for the teachers and the students!

Sports Day
Sports Day 2019
On the 27 April, we held our 57th Sports Day at Tampines Meridian Junior College. The motto for this year’s Sports Day was ‘One Team, One Dream’ and the theme was ‘Pokemon’. The theme came to life with the amazing mascots and house decorations that were prepared by the three houses! We also saw a special guest appearance by our own Sports Day mascot – Pikachu!The students took part in 12 game events and many walked home with medals to boast. For this year, we also had our inaugural sibling’s race where students participated in an event together with their siblings.

For this year’s Sports Day, the students also danced to a mass dance “Best Day of My Life” that was choreographed by our own teachers from CPASS. With the help of our kind sponsors, we were also able to have a few carnival booths set up and there was a free flow of popcorn, candy floss and ice cream for everyone. We also had a photo booth for everyone to take photographs to remember the day!

In the end, the winning house was the Yellow house! This year’s Sports Day would not have been possible without the great help from Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), the volunteers from Nomura Singapore Limited and Mrs Singapore & Classic Mrs Singapore as well as the kind sponsorship from Loomis Sayles Investments Asia.

We would also like to thank parents, the School Management Committee and the CPAS Board members for joining us this year.

Cheering for the participants!
Racial Harmony Day
Racial Harmony Day 2019
Students playing Goli

CPASS celebrated Racial Harmony Day (RHD) on 18 July. RHD which officially falls on 21 July is a day set aside to commemorate the racial riots of 1964. We reflect on what we have learnt from it and celebrate how we have moved on to live harmoniously. We recognise the importance of maintaining racial and religious harmony in Singapore’s multicultural society.

This year’s celebration was based on the theme ‘Revisiting Our Traditional Games’. Students, staff and care-givers had the opportunity to try out various traditional games such as kuti-kuti, bola tin and goli, etc. that were played by our forefathers. Through playing the games together, they had the opportunity to put their differences aside and come together to have fun, just as how our forefathers did.






Racial Harmony Day 2018

Singapore commemorates Racial Harmony Day on 21 July. It is a day for our students to celebrate the nation’s success as a harmonious society built on diversified cultures. The theme for this year’s Racial Harmony Day Celebration is “Food”. As Singapore is known as a ‘rojak nation’, our pre-event celebration was making our own rojak. On the event day, we had performances, sing-along session and food tasting activities from the different races – prata, popiah, putu piring and sandwich. Photographs of students and staff in ethnic costumes were taken and the students & staff were given a chance to win the Best Dress Award. There was a free & easy Food Fiesta during the celebration whereby students got to use the given food coupons to exchange for their desired food items. It was indeed a fun and joyous celebration for Racial Harmony Day.


National Day
National Day 2019

CPASS celebrated National Day on 8 August and marked the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore – a milestone in our rich and storied history. A walk through of the different booths set-up with the four themes of Kampung, HDB, Civil Servants and Modern Singapore was the highlight of the day’s event. The event was to let the students understand the development of Singapore throughout the years and how far we had progressed from the day of independence since 1965.

Students exchanging coupons for traditional snacks.
National Day 2018

National Day is a significant day that marks Singapore as an independent country in the community of nations. This year’s CPASS National Day Celebrations on 8 August was extra special. Prior to the actual date of celebration, students embarked on different learning journeys to various locations such as the National Museum, Air Force Museum and even a National Monument Trail. The students were exposed to Singapore’s culture, heritage and history. Their teachers prepared vlogs (video logs) of their experiences and these were showcased during the National Day Celebrations.

Students were also tested on their knowledge of the National Day songs in the games “Guess The Song” and “Don’t Forget The Lyrics”. The celebrations also featured performances from EIPIC students, CCA Performing Arts and even our CPAS Band. The session ended off with a sing-along and everybody was wishing Singapore a Happy 53rd Birthday!

Teachers' Day
Teachers' Day 2019

Teachers’ Day in Singapore is celebrated annually on the first Friday in the month of September.  It is an occasion for celebrating and enjoying the relationship between all school staff and students. CPASS had its Teachers’ Day celebration this year in both morning and afternoon sessions on 5 September.  It was a simple celebration where all staff and students gathered in the hall to enjoy dance and song performances and recitation of poems by our students. There were fun games and a montage specially dedicated to all staff.

A token of appreciation was given to each school staff.
Teachers' Day 2018

This year, the staff and students of CPASS celebrated the Teachers’ Day with dance and song performances. A video presentation was done by our students in the Regular CCA IT Club and a video montage of the school staff dancing in the song “Happy” was also shown on the screen to celebrate the event.

Our Principal, Mrs Koh-Lim Ai Lay, presented a token each to all school staff and the School also presented Staff Awards in 6 categories. These 6 awardees were voted by their fellow colleagues and the awards are namely the Most Generous Staff award, Most Caring Staff award, Most Diligent Staff award, Most Creative Staff award, Most Cheerful staff award and Most Helpful staff award.

Graduation Day
Graduation Day 2019

School Graduation is our annual ceremony to mark the start of a new chapter in our graduates’ lives. It is also a celebration of their years in CPASS. This year’s theme was ‘Our Shining Stars’ to symbolize our students as shining stars who had shone light on the school and their families.

The guests were moved by all the wonderful and moving speeches.  Students demonstrated great confidence in addressing the crowd. Parents were greatly involved in the event by accompanying their child up on stage to receive the certificates and enjoyed a parent-child dance together. Everyone enjoyed the live music, food, photograph booth and dancing.

Graduation Day
Our graduates were geared up and ready for the night!
Graduation Day 2018

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School (CPASS) held our annual Graduation Ceremony for our twelve graduates from School on 16 November.

It was a cosy evening spent reminiscing the wonderful memories of our graduates. It was also an evening of celebrating friendship. The theme – “Journey with Me” spoke of this alumni spirit that CPASS upheld. In line with the spirit, the School Principal Mrs Koh-Lim Ai Lay also presented the inaugural Sustained Employment Award to four ex-students of our alumni.

Our Guest Ms Janice Beh, Senior Inspector of Special Education Branch, MOE, presented our first group of graduates with their leaving certificates. CPAS Executive Director Ms Latha Sankaran Kutty and School Principal Mrs Koh-Lim Ai Lay then presented our second and third group of graduates with their leaving certificates respectively.

The graduates and their families left an everlasting memory in us, and we would like to wish them success in all their future endeavours.

School Camps
School Camp 2019

The graduating students participated in the annual School Camp held on 20 to 21 September. The students bonded with one another through team building activities and a scrumptious barbeque dinner at Pasir Ris Park. On Day 2, they were also involved in an enjoyable Laser Tag activity held at the School Hall.

School Camp
The students were playing happily through the team-bonding activities.
School Camp 2018

This year the school camp was held from 14 to 15 September. It was an overnight camp and the students spent the night in the school. Students from both the Functional and High Support programmes participated in the camp. A total of 15 students, 12 from the Functional programme and 3 from the High Support programme, participated in the camp.

The objective of the camp was to build a sense of responsibility in the students and promote independence and social relationships among them. Hence, the camp activities incorporated the development of skills such as choice making and problem-solving. The school values (respect, confidence, resilience and integrity) were also reinforced during the camp activities.

The theme for the camp was ‘Fun Time’. So all activities were organised with a fun element in them. The activities included water play at Splash@Kids Amaze, art, camp games and music & movement.

Although it was the first time for most of the students to take part in an overnight camp, they had fun playing and mingling with the other campers.  All of them also enjoyed sleeping in tents.