Creative Craft Club – CCA

The Creative Craft Club aims to provide students with the opportunity to create various craft works. We also aspire to create a safe and creative space in which these craft activities can take place.

The Craft Activities Include:
  • Scrap booking
  • Floral Arrangement
  • Soap / Candle Making
  • Jewelry Making
  • Block printing
  1. Students to explore and create various craft works.
  2. Students to acquire specific skills (fine motor, hand-eye coordination & creativity) pertaining to each individual craft work.
  3. Students to have an opportunity to showcase their craft works at various platforms.
    1. Students who have pincer and palmer grasps.
    2. Students who have the ability to manipulate items with one or two hands.
    3. Students who are able to follow 1 to 2-step instructions.