About the Goodwill, Rehabilitation and Occupational Workshop

Since September 1984, the sheltered workshop has been providing vocational training and employment for adults with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities. Trainees are involved and equipped with skills through our social enterprise initiatives and workshops, allowing opportunities for self-development, building their self-esteem and providing an avenue for them to reach out socially to the public. Mobility training and social engagement are also emphasised in this programme to equip adults with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities for work in open employment.
Social Enterprise Projects
We also operate social enterprise initiatives, either in-house or collaborate with business partners, in areas of F&B and retail business. These social enterprise projects serve as training grounds for trainees to learn various vocational or business skills and customer service, under the close supervision of our Workshop Instructors. These projects also provide trial-employment opportunities, advocating the economic and social self-sufficiency of our trainees, building on an enterprise foundation. Examples of social enterprises which we operate include: We are an enterprise, where artistic and gift-making talents of our disabled community are show-cased through the creation of unique and inspiring corporate and consumer lifestyle gift items for sales, aimed at generating sustainable earnings for operation-ability. Our range of products features from the adaptations of world art, inspired and hand-drawn by our in-house disabled artists. Therefore, the products are unique (each design is one of a kind) and appeals to consumers and corporate customers alike. These are high-quality and environmental-friendly products, created to meet consumer needs, while pitched to support a social cause.