Goodwill, Rehabilitation and Occupational Workshop

The Goodwill, Rehabilitation and Occupational Workshop is a sheltered workshop providing vocational training and employment for adults with cerebral palsy or multiple disabilities. Trainees are involved in social enterprise initiatives and projects in our sheltered workshop, which develop their skills, build their self-esteem and provide an avenue for them to reach out socially to the public.

To equip trainees for work in open employment, the programme also includes mobility training and social engagement.

  • Manage commercial sub-contract work for trainees
  • Operate social enterprise initiatives
  • Provide additional caregiver support, welfare services, and rehabilitative therapy for our trainees
Value-Added Services for Trainees

Besides vocational training and on-the-job training, trainees have access to the following:

  • Therapy Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Social and Vocational Skills Development
  • Community Integration Activities
Social Enterprises
Contract Out-Sourcing Services for Commercial Businesses

CPAS is a social service agency that aims to match your company’s interest with the capabilities of our disabled workforce. The revenue generated from the assigned work for our trainees contributes to the monthly allowances of our trainees, and allows CPAS to run meaningful programmes for them. Read more here.


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