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Medical and Dental Clinics

Medical and Dental Clinics

The Medical and Dental Division provides the following services:

  • Nursing Care and First Aide Treatment
    • Clients who are sick or injured will be cared for by the nurse. These include falls, fever, fits, asthma or any other medical conditions.
  • Review by Various Specialists
    • Volunteers from various medical disciplines come on a regular basis to give free consultation and treatment to our clients. They include Orthopaedic Surgeons, Hand Surgeons, Paediatric Neurologists and Dentists.
  • Immunisation Programme
    • Our students aged 5 to 18 are given free immunisations as scheduled according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Collaboration with Therapists
    • The Nurse works in collaboration with therapists from the Speech and Language Pathology department in the running of the Feeding Clinic, and Physiotherapists in the running of the Tough and Trim Programme.
  • Training and Education
    • Staff, parents and caregivers are given training on care of clients with seizures, tube feeding and care of wounds post-operatively.
    • Students are educated on healthy/well-balanced diet and proper nutrition. Multivitamins are given daily to under-nourished clients.
  • Housekeeping
    • Maintenance of all medical and dental equipment to meet standards required by the Ministry of Health.

For more information, please contact:

  • Medical and Dental Division Level 3
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore
  • Tel: 6585 5621