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Seating and Posture Clinic

Seating and Posture Clinic

Monthly (Tuesday or Thursday) - Usually in the afternoon

The CPAS Seating and Posture Clinic by the Occupational Therapy Department offers seating, positioning and mobility services to children and adults with physical disabilities upon comprehensive evaluation and recommendation for a proper seating and positioning system. Every client will be evaluated by an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist before reaching a decision with parents/caregivers on the type of special seat, positioning equipment or mobility device that will best address the needs of daily living.

During the clinic, an Orthopaedic Surgeon examines the clients, looks into the medical aspects of the seating system and positioning system and endorses our therapist’s recommendation for a proper special seat and positioning system. Upon endorsement, the Occupational Therapist briefs the parents/caregivers on funding, delivery and service of custom equipment.

Once payment is made, the therapist contacts the vendor for measurement, fitting and delivery of equipment. This service will ensure that the fit of the prescribed equipment is appropriate, and the wheelchair, seating system and positioning system are adjusted to maximise function and postural support.


Our Services

The following services are provided in the clinic to address each client’s specific seating and mobility needs:

  • Seating and Posture Evaluation is performed by Occupational Therapists to determine the flexibility of postural impairment and recommend appropriate seating system to address balance and pressure issues, improve posture and enhance functional independence.
  • Wheelchair evaluation is performed by the Occupational Therapist to determine the most efficient and functional means of mobility.
  • Wheelchair training is provided to clients to optimise the functions in the organisation's premises, home environment and community settings.
  • Referral to our Social Work Department is made by the therapist for financially needy clients to arrange funding for seating and mobility equipment.
  • Collaboration with vendor to ensure appropriateness of equipment.

Once the equipment arrives, clients and caregivers visit the clinic for an extensive customisation, fitting and training session to ensure that goals are met. During these visits, the therapist teaches clients and caregivers how to use the equipment, makes minor adjustments and provides guidance for transfer, safety and care considerations.

Follow-up services such as repair, modification and maintenance are provided to guarantee that the equipment maintains a proper fit in case of growth or medical changes.


Our Team

The Seating and Posture Clinic includes skilled specialists with expertise in determining the seating solution that best meet the needs of our clients. Our team consists of:

  • Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Nurse
  • Teacher/Training Officer
  • Wheelchair Vendor


Referrals to the Clinic

Referrals to our Seating and Posture Clinic can be made for children and adults with seating and postural issues by an Allied Health Professional, doctor, teacher, training officer or early interventionist by using our Seating and Posture Clinic Referral Form. Click here for our Seating and Posture Clinic Referral Form, or obtain a copy from our Occupational Therapy Department.


For more information, please contact

Ms Andrea Koh
Occupational Therapy Department
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore
Cerebral Palsy Centre Level 3
65 Pasir Ris Drive 1
Singapore 519529
Tel: 6585 5623
Fax: 6585 5603