Music and Movement Club – CCA

For students under the High Support Programme Students learn to play musical instruments, participate in wheelchair dancing and watch musicals to be inspired as well as gather ideas for different dances. The club aims to support fine and gross motor development as well as stimulate attention, cooperation, sensory processing, visual […]

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IT Club – CCA

For students under the Functional Programme Students will learn more about the Internet and the World Wide Web, its history, popular websites, search engines, and current trends such as social networking. They will also learn the basics of Microsoft Office Applications such as setting up PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word, Microsoft […]

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Desk Bells and Percussion Club – CCA

For students under the Functional Programme: Students learn to play with a beautiful set of Miniature Musical Desk Bells with simple movements. As a group and under the guidance of a music instructor, they will learn to harmonise and produce simple music pieces according to colour-coded song sheets. This builds […]

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Performing Arts – CCA

Through the Performing Arts CCA, students are introduced to various instruments like the xylophone, drums, cymbals, shakers etc. Under the guidance of an instructor they use instruments to play various pieces of music. Through active participation, students are enriched in the social, academic, intellectual, cultural, democratic, civic and aesthetic domains. […]

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Track and Field – CCA

Winning medals is not the only goal for our CCA:

We aim to promote participation and facilitate building of sport skills, and sportsmanship through training and competitions.

Students learn an array of skills such as agility and stamina training, start

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