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Meet Kara, Jia Yi and Kah Ho

CPAS Diamond Jubilee Video from CPAS on Vimeo.

Kara is a motivated young woman whose talents and dreams are made possible at CPAS. Having completed her PSLE under the academic programme at CPAS School, Kara is now learning life skills at the Goodwill, Rehabilitation, and Occupational Workshop (GROW), while managing the gift shop at CPAS. An energetic and spirited young lady, Kara does not let her physical limitations prevent her from playing football, and hopes to be able to take part in an overseas competition one day.

Jia Yi is a student at CPAS School. With the assistive technology made available to her at CPAS, her teachers are able to customise learning programmes to her individual needs, ensuring that she gets the education she needs to prepare her for life.

Kah Ho was part of the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC) here at CPAS, and is now enrolled in CPAS School. Without full control over the muscles in his limbs, walking without an aid is almost impossible. However, with the dedicated physiotherapists and advanced equipment available to him at CPAS, Kah Ho is taking steps towards his dream of exploring different places on his own one day, one small step at a time.

Watch the video above to learn more!