Meet Wei Lun & Faye, whose dreams know no limits with their AAC devices

Meet Wei Lun and Faye, two outstanding individuals at CPAS' Goodwill, Rehabilitation and Occupational Workshop (GROW).

Wei Lun is an accomplished artist whose artwork has been exhibited on several occasions, including once at the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum. His artworks are highly sought-after and many have been auctioned for charity.

Faye is equally accomplished, proudly clinching a team silver at the 3rd Asian Para Games.

Living with cerebral palsy, Wei Lun is hard of hearing and articulating his thoughts clearly can be a challenge. This means that sometimes, it can be difficult for those around him to understand him. Faye, too, is an intelligent young woman whose difficulty in expressing her thoughts and emotions was a constant source of frustration for her. Previously, Faye communicated with just a few signs. Family members and staff often had to ask yes/no questions in order to elicit more information. Faye was often vexed as she was able to understand conversations but was hindered from participating fully.

The turning point in their lives came when they both received Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, generously funded by CPAS corporate partner, YTL PowerSeraya.

Their AACs are iPads equipped with adapted apps and accessories, allowing them to converse with those around them using a simple touch of a finger. With the AAC, Wei Lun and Faye are now able to communicate directly with friends and family, who can now understand their feelings and emotions more accurately.

This new channel of communication has helped Wei Lun and Faye forge stronger and closer relationships with their friends and family. The AAC has even assisted Wei Lun in co-hosting the annual CPAS-PowerSeraya Christmas Party in December 2018, as well as the inaugural Disability Applied Research Forum for an audience of 250, in March 2019. Given his established art portfolio, the AAC will greatly assist Wei Lun in having in-depth conversations about his art with the public. It will also help to establish an accurate and efficient communication channel within his leather crafting job requirement.

For Faye, the AAC will be useful in helping her connect with others and establish her position in the international Boccia playing field.

Both Wei Lun and Faye are proud examples of how the AAC device has turned their lives for the better. Their enthusiasm for life and unwavering determination not to let their capabilities be dictated by their physical condition is admirable. Way to go, Wei Lun and Faye!

We are grateful to YTL PowerSeraya for their continued contributions. Thank you for your support!